Helping End the Pandemic

Tools in the Fight

We're working hard to make vaccines available as quickly as we receive them. You may have had conversations with people you know who have concerns about getting the vaccine. It's important to understand everyone has had different experiences, and someone you care about may be reluctant.

In these situations, curiosity can help. Try to understand why someone has a reservation. We all want to feel seen and heard, and seeing and hearing those YOU care about may be the best thing you can do to help. Ultimately, the decision is up to each of us, but we know that the risks of COVID-19 infection include long-lasting disability and death. After rigorous testing, the only risks identified from the vaccine have been due to very rare food allergies.

Today, millions are vaccinated, but many more people are still awaiting vaccine supply. Because those with COVID-19 who are showing symptoms are the most infectious, and those with the vaccine usually don't get sick, we hope to continue to see a drop in cases. COVID-19 is starting to find fewer and fewer people who are without defenses against the virus. When a vaccine is available for your group, we will be here and ready to partner with you in the fight against COVID-19, too. We hope to see you soon.

Our doctors and nurses are keeping updated, and we're happy to answer your questions! You can also check out these FAQs:

Fatos Sobre a Vacina da COVID-19