CIFC opening pool at Danbury Community Center

The refurbished pool has five lanes.

Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc. (CIFC) is opening its public pool at the Danbury Community Center (Malloy Hall) at 12 Boughton St. in downtown Danbury (at the former Danbury YMCA branch). CIFC recently finished extensive renovations to the pool.

“Having a pool in downtown Danbury fills a critical need,” said James H. Maloney, JD, CIFC CEO and President. “It is the only pool in the city to serve the general public and also to offer swimming/water-safety lessons to our local young people.”

The extensive repair of the five-lane pool was part of a years-long renovation of the former Danbury YMCA, which also included upgrading the gymnasium, restoring a performance stage and refurbishing meeting and activity spaces. The work was funded by a grant from the State of Connecticut, with swimming pool operational grant support from The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation.

Pool operations will begin on Saturdays, starting first on Saturday, December 28, 2019, later to be expanded to additional days of the week as demand warrants and resources allow. In addition to swim safety lessons, CIFC will offer senior swims, adult lap swims and family swims in the refurbished pool. All pool services will be available for a membership fee of $1 per month, per person, through March 31, 2020.

Multiple structural and safety enhancements were made to the pool, including installing new drains, pumps and skimmers, and repairing a large crack in the bottom of the pool. A special pool air-handling system was also installed. CIFC partnered with the state to buy the building in 2015, after the YMCA announced it was closing its Danbury branch.

“This will give the community the opportunity to have what they were deprived of for many years,” said Rodrigo Martins, CIFC Aquatics Coordinator. “A functioning pool open to the public in Danbury gives our young people and families the opportunity to enjoy the water and to learn valuable, potentially-lifesaving skills.”

For more information, call Rodrigo Martins at 203-743-3993 ext. 264.