Our Model of Care: Patient-Centered Medical Home

Welcome to Your Patient-Centered Medical Home

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What is a Medical Home?

When you are sick or need a routine check-up, a caring, familiar face can make all the difference. At the Greater Danbury Community Health Center nothing is more important to us than providing you with life-long care for wellness of your mind, body and spirit.

Your personal provider and an extended team of health professionals build a relationship with you and your family focusing on your medical history and your health care concerns.

It's all about you!

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Who is on My Team?

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) at the Greater Danbury Community Health Center leads your team of health care professionals to ensure your continuity of care. Some members of your team could be a doctor,a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, a nurse, a medical assistant, a health educator, a front desk staff members, and/or an insurance or billing assister.

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is the leader of your team, so choosing your Primary Care Provider is very important to your health care. There are different reasons you may choose a specific Primary Care Provider, such as your primary language, the complexity of your medical history, or your need for certain appointment times. Choose a PCP you can be comfortable and honest with.

What role do I play on my team?

Here are some ways for you to be more active in your Medical Home Team:

  • Prepare for your visits by writing down your questions or symptoms.
  • Be as honest as possible and provide your complete medical history and a list of all of your current medications and vitamins.
  • Ask us questions. If you don't understand information we give you, we will be happy to explain it differently.
  • When you get care from (non-GDCHC) specialists or other health professionals, always tell your GDCHC Medical Home Team so we can update your medical history and give you the best care possible.
  • Your Care Team provides self-management support. This means, tell your team if you are having trouble sticking to your plan of care. We will make changes together for your plan to be successful.
  • Be honest about your health concerns and challenges so that all options can be looked at.
  • Treat your team as your partner and set goals with steps and achieve them together.

Did You Know: You are the most important member of your Medical Home Team. The more active you are in your health the more we can achieve as a team!

What is the advantage of having a Medical Home?

Having a Medical Home means better health care with less stress:

  • Comprehensive care to address your health care needs.
  • Coordinated care to connect each of the members of your team.
  • Continuous care for every stage of your life.
  • Proactive planning to guide you through illness and achieve your individual health goals. 
  • A team that gets to know you and your history to offer you your best health options through evidence based care.
  • A team that treats you as a full partner in your care and explains all care options until you are comfortable.

Evening & Weekend Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00am to 7:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00am to 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 12:30pm
24/7 on-call services: (203) 743-0100
Services in multiple languages.