Program Showcase

  • WIC Nutrition Program

    The WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) Nutrition Program provides nutritional couseling and assistance. Studies have proven that nutrition impacts developmental growth starting at conception. Families can recieve services starting at the very beginning of a pregnancy all the way until the child turns 5 years old. 

  • Head Start 

    Head Start provides continuous and comprehensive child development curriculum to more than 250 three and four year old children in the Greater Danbury area. The earlier a child receives exposure to educational curriculum, the more likely a student is to succeed in kindergarten and throughout their life. The Head Start Program is a part-day program. 

  • Greater Danbury Community Health Center

    Our missions is to deliver patient-centered affordable and high-quality health care to everyone, regardless of insurance or a person's ability to pay. We offer comprehensive primary care for adult medicine, pediatric medicine, women's health, dental care, and behavioral and counseling health services. 

  • Graduate Medical Education  

    The Greater Danbury Community Health Center"s Graduate Medical Education Residency Program is the only of its model in the State of Connecticut. Sometimes called a "Teaching Health Center," Doctors become Board Certified in Primary Care Internal Medicine by completing a rigorous 3 year Primary Care Residency curriculum with continuity care in a community setting. 
  • Economic Development 

    CIFC aims to develop our community through our human services programs as well as through the development of facilities specially designed for those programs and activities.  

  • Early Head Start

    Children begin learning the second they are born, so it is essential that infants and toddlers have healthy beginnings. The Early Head Start program provides an environment that is warm, nurturing, inclusive and safe, with an enriching educational setting designed to allow infants and toddlers to learn and grow at their own pace, while parents are at work.


Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation & Maltao House of Care

Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation and Malta House of Care Launch Health Coach Program for Uninsured Hartford Patients »

The Malta House of Care Health Coach Program is the second funded by Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation.

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CIFC Participtes in Fairfield County Giving Day 2017 »

Fairfield County Giving Day:“24 hours to give where you live." Thursday March 9 from 12:00 A.M TO 11:59 P.M